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Elegant Tile & Marble Co. is more than just a flooring store. We are trained experts in design and flooring so that we can help you find the perfect floor for your lifestyle and budget. Our experts can show you a variety of hardwood, laminate, tile, and vinyl flooring options. We can even help you tear out the old and put in the new!

Hardwood Flooring

When it comes to hardwood floors, we have a variety of widths and stains to choose from. Our qualified designers can assist in giving advice for the best option for your renovation space. We can even recommend the best direction to lay your beautiful hardwood floor. Hardwood flooring installation is a service that we can provide so that your investment will look clean and last longer. Our new Peygran Leveling Systems are an excellent choice for your hardwood flooring project. Ask about pricing when you come in for your free consultation.

Tile Flooring

Our quality tiling options are a product that can fit into any remodel. Since we offer our tiles in a variety of colors, patterns, textures, and sizing, they are sure to fit your style and renovation space. Consider our new Peygran Leveling Systems for your tile flooring project. Remember – our tiling products can even extend to your great outdoors, including patios, poolside areas, fire pits and more.

Stained Concrete

Endurable Concrete Stain is a semi-transparent penetrating stain that adds protection and beauty to concrete surfaces. UV protection makes this an excellent stain for exterior applications. Concrete Stain can also help to hide or cover up blemished concrete both inside and outside. It is a unique and versatile process that provides infinite appearance options for driveways, sidewalks, patios and pool areas outdoors and large commercial floor areas indoors.

Heated Flooring

Radiant floor heating, also known as heated floors, is a popular trend in luxurious home renovations that focus on comfortable, clean, design-led living. There is no denying that heated floors are the coziest way to heat your toes and relax. Custom heated floor projects that are popular in Grand Island and the Central Nebraska region include heated floors for steam showers. With heated floors giving life to your custom steam shower, it is easy to transform your home bathroom into a luxury spa. We specialize in custom showers and bathroom renovations, including heated floors and safety showers. Heated floors are easy for our professionals to install and are available for a variety of floor surfaces. Any room in the house can benefit from our heated floors, providing comfort day after day, wherever you are.

Heated floors have many benefits:

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