Commercial Floor Removal

Elegant Tile & Marble Co. has the experience and the equipment to offer professional floor removal services for commercial projects. Our powerful, specialized equipment offers superior performance, considerably reducing the time it takes to remove the toughest of surfaces. Time is money as many commercial projects are bid based upon the time needed to complete each project. If a project can be completed days or weeks ahead of schedule, that’s time and money saved. We’ve found that we can do in a matter of hours or days what it would take other contractors weeks to accomplish, saving our clients thousands of dollars!

We are capable of removing many different kinds of flooring.

Mick Wise from Buzz’s Marine

Removing 20,000 pounds of tile is a formidable task. I was especially impressed with how quickly Elegant Tile & Marble Co. was able to remove our old floor tile with a powered scraper. Having the removal machinery available was definitely a plus, and was also the difference in maintaining a positive schedule.

Bronco Floor Stripper

We use one of the most effective professional floor strippers on the market, the Bronco Floor Stripper. It is by far the fastest, cleanest, quietest, most powerful professional floor stripper ever and is only used for large commercial projects. The patented Power-Glide Rear Adjustable Suspension allows the Bronco Floor Stripper to run over debris as floor material is being removed without disengagement of the blade. You keep going while the others are backing up and starting over. That is one of the reasons why its removal rates are so incredible. The Bronco Floor Stripper has 15 years of solid performance in the field and has proven capable of stripping 15,000 SF of material per day. With its width of 29”, height of 48”, and relatively light weight of 1,200lbs, it can fit into some of the tightest spaces.

The Bronco Floor Stripper is endorsed by the California Environmental Protection Agency Air Resources Board and the United States Environmental Protection Agency Certificate of Conformity with the Clean Air Act for 2017.

bronco floor stripper

Avenger 550 Concrete Floor Grinder

avenger 550 concrete floor grinder

The Avenger 550 Concrete Floor Grinder is a planetary grinder that uses helical gears in an oil bath, just like the transmission in your car, producing high torque to the floor with no noise and wear. This is the only planetary grinder on the market that uses thrust bearings, like your car’s wheels, to reduce wear and deliver superior results. We also use an Avenger Dust Extractor which features a HEPA filter and offers superior debris extraction, causing less mess during the project.

Avenger 250 Edger

Our customized Avenger 250 Edger is the newest piece of equipment used at Elegant Tile & Marble of GI. This product gives us the ability to work in tight spots, get closer to walls and maneuver around objects while removing all types of flooring.
Its direct drive motor provides power, superior performance and durability while the air filter ensures a safe dust free atmosphere during and after the removal of flooring.

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