DIY Flooring

Elegant Tile & Marble Co. understands that when you’re working on a DIY flooring project, you need the right materials. We have the knowledge to assist you in choosing the most elegant, durable, and cost-effective materials. Whether your DIY flooring project consists of hardwood, laminate, or tile, Elegant Tile & Marble Co. is the name you need to know. With hundreds of satisfied Grand Island and surrounding area customers and over 15 years of professional experience, we know flooring and are prepared to help you on your next project. Set up a consultation and get the inside scoop on the best do-it-yourself flooring products available.

There are several steps that our experts advise you to take to accomplish your DIY flooring project.

Create A Project Packet

Our professionals at Elegant Tile & Marble Co. recommend consolidating your project plans to one area. Creating a project packet will keep your project vision, timeline, measurements, pricing goals, quotes, and receipts in one place as you begin to buy materials. This will assist in organizing your thoughts and keeping your goals realistic and timely. Your project packet will also come in handy if more than one person is working on the project.

Set Your Budget Before You Buy

It's easy to become swept away while exploring your choices. At Elegant Tile & Marble Co., we recommend sitting down with our professionals first and discussing your budget. After meeting with our consultants, we'll assist you with the materials that will work best for your project and your budget.

Determine The Right Amount To Buy

When buying the flooring you need, always buy a little extra upfront. When tackling a do-it-yourself flooring project, it is common to make a mistake or two so buy more flooring than what your project requires. Once evaluating the scope of your project, our consultants can give you a good quantity of extras to have.

Use Your Strengths

Remember to divide skills by strength whenever possible. Call on your friends or family when they excel at a certain area. When people are doing what they love, everyone is happier.

Peygran Leveling Systems now available

Project perfection is faster and easier than ever with Peygran Leveling Systems. They work with both tile and hardwood installations and prevent movement as mortar sets. Our consultants will assist you in selecting the correct type and size to ensure level flooring the first time.

Need Flooring for Your DIY Project?

We've Got You Covered

Elegant Tile & Marble Co. is pleased to assist in making your DIY flooring project become a reality. We use Peygran systems in our professional flooring installations. Start by requesting a free estimate and ask about scheduling an appointment to visit our showroom and view our variety of beautiful flooring products.